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Thinking Of Chinking? 

  If you are interested in having your log home chinked, this is how it works and what we do.

  Contact us and if your home is not to distant we'll come out to do an assessment and estimate of the work required on your home. 

  Alternatively after you contact us, if your home is quite distant we would do a preliminary assessment with photos thru e-mail. Include the length and width of your home. Also the number of logs that make up each wall, number of notches, the average diameter of the logs and what colour of chinking you'd like. We price our work by each lineal foot of chinking applied to the logs so any areas that need or don't need to be chinked, let us know. Also we need to know about the terrain it's situated on and if scaffold and what length of ladders will be required. We then review the information you send us and we forward a rough estimate of the cost. If it is within your budget then I'll set up an appointment for a final viewing of the work to be performed and a contract price. If the photos provide enough information a final viewing can be eliminated.

  We've been using Perma-Chink sealing products for over 25 years. They are as good as any out there and have very good elasticity and adhesion properties. They come in a range of colours that can blend with the logs or highlight them. You'll need to choose a colour and we can supply colour samples.

  We then set a date to perform the work. We on average can chink 600-700 lineal feet per day. When we know the lineal footage of your home then we can determine how long the work will take.

  Perma-Chink sealants are a water based latex product. There is little to no odour and is fully cured in about a week. We apply it with bulk loading chalking guns.

  All we ask is items such as ornaments, chairs, tables, etc be removed from the area where the work is performed and the logs be washed and clean so there is no accumulated dust or dirt. We prefer the chinking to adhere to the wood surface and not the surface dirt.

  We specialize in chinking and sealing log buildings. This is our work, we enjoy and take pride in it.

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