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I'm sealing a saddle notch on a log cabin near Princeton BC. a

  In 1988 I built my log home. While the logs fit tight at first, after a year of drying and shrinkage the home had become, I guess you could say, hard to keep warm with a few other problems. After applying Perm-Chink to the logs inside and out it suddenly became a most beautiful home to live in. That's when I had the idea "other home owners may be having a similar experience". And so.......  

   Woodmaster Restoration Systems is located and was founded in Kamloops, British Columbia in1992. Originally we were a full log and wood restoration service. We sanded, corn blasted, stained and finished logs. We did log replacement, petrifying and fire damage. Installed and sanded wood flooring and of course applied chinking to seal log homes.

   Now we are just focused on "just chinking" of log homes. It seems as my crew and I grow older our arms and shoulders don't feel like holding a sander/grinder or paintsprayer wand all day. We'll leave that for the home owner to do.

   Although while it leaves one with a satisfying feeling after completing the task of staining a log home, I always found the best compliments came from the results of chinking a log home and so that is where we'll now concentrate our efforts. 

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