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Links and DIY info  Here's a site that contains lots of interesting log home products, articles, and ideas. It's like an online magazine and always updating.  If you would like to do the chinking yourself, BrockWhite is the Perma-Chink dealer for British Columbia and Alberta. They carry all the materials and most of the tools that are necessary for professional looking results.   Again for the DIYers, lots of info and tutorials on log home chinking.  This site sells an inexpensive 360 degree swivel that attaches to all bulk loading  chalking guns. If you're going  to DIY I would strongly recommend you get one. It may be needed for those tight areas where a regular nozzle just can't get to. (Ie. the outside top log to the soffit, behind water closets and cabinets, purlins and your ridge pole to the soffit, are just some).   Wayne from QC Coatings in Salmon Arm will build and install a railing for your log cabin or home that will last a lifetime with no maintenance required. These look great and are really sturdy.  Here's a very good article on those pesky cluster flies that appear out of nowhere every couple of days on your windows. It took me an extra bit of chinking to figure out how they got into my house and now I see only a couple of them a year, usually dead and hopefully from loneliness.

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